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Bella2bello K3 White Intelligent Neck Massager1036

Bella2bello K3 White Intelligent Neck Massager1036

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• 4 Point Fit & Ergonomic Design: Fit the neck in all directions, comfortable to wear and more satisfying; Ergonomic Design conforms to the curve of human neck.
• Infrared Light Heating: Around 107.3 ℉Constant Temperature for Muscle Tension Relaxation
• Heating Temperance: From 100.4 ℉ to 107.3 ℉
• Light Weight Design: Small and light, convenient and easy to carry
• Product Details: Stainless steel electorate sheet, 3D Circular elastic arm and Micro Surface Design
• Color Options: Pearl White, Deep Sea Blue, Cherry Pink
• Size: 5.59”x 5.7” x 1.77”
• Accessories: USB-C Charging Port Convenient and Quick Charging

Key Features:
• Pulse Massage: 5 Pulse Modes including Tapping, Scraping, Acupuncture, Kneading and Free Combination
• 16 Levels of Intensity Adjustment: Level 1-5 Comfortable for Neck Relaxation; Level 6-10 Moderate for Relieving Soreness; Level 11-16 Stimulus for Deep Massage.
• Working Duration Time: 15 minutes timer
• Quick Charging, Ultra long Run Time : 1.5 Hours Charge & 1200mAh Lithium Battery℉

One (1)-Years Warranty  

K3 Intelligent 4 point fit Neck Massager adopts with human body cervical physiological curvature of the popular type circular design. Using low-frequency pulse, infrared light heating, U-Shaped Design, Ergonomic design and 3D intelligent bonding technology to form a composite energy field to achieve tetras health care and fit the neck in all directions, comfortable to wear and more satisfying. During the working process, by maintaining the correct physiological position to provide a healthy and cozy therapy for cervical spine. With Neck Massager, you can enjoy a more valuable, relaxed and happy multifunctional health care system at anytime and anywhere. 

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