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Bella2bello Wilton Professional Lower Back Stretch

Bella2bello Wilton Professional Lower Back Stretch

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• Intelligent Dynamic Traction: inflate manually to help achieve the desire stretch or rotate through two automatic setting. The body works with the cycling air traction system to stretch lumbar and the tight muscles.
• Intelligent Vibration function: the vibration system can quickly to relief lower back pain.
Two Sides Sub-Plate: equipped with sub-plate can be use on soft or hard ground ans suitable for different conditions.
• Adjustable Heating System: Three different temperature can be adjusted from 100.4 ℉ to 111.2 ℉
• Red Infrared laser: adopt waveband energy -dispersal, when massage start-up the red infrared laser will effect on the lumbar
• 15 minutes timer setting: to relax the stretch of spine, heat and vibration massaging for relieve the back muscles.
• 3 Protection on Wilton: Temperature protection, automatic stop air in-charging and alarm for over charging, auto reset the machine to off conditions when power off.


One (1)-Years Warranty  

Wilton Professional Lower Back Stretcher and Massager with Heat function is designed for many group of people who experience a long time working, studying, siting and standing. Wilton is to relieve fatigue and pressure for your lower back, allowing you to choose different modes for your needs at anytime. The ergonomic curve design matches the human body shape which applies to everyone. The physiological curvature of 26° with cycling air traction system helps to stretch lumbar spine and tight muscles. Wilton is a great gift for friends, family and lovers.

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