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Topiom Rower | Bringing the rowing experience home | Low-impact | Full-body exercise | Dark Brown

Topiom Rower | Bringing the rowing experience home | Low-impact | Full-body exercise | Dark Brown

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Topiom indoor rowing machine is ergonomically designed. The rowing machine features the unique WaterFlywheel, peerless in its simulation of on the water rowing. Enjoy a full-body workout that doesn't require you to run for prolonged periods or strain parts of your body that could be detrimental to your health. Available in a range of woods to suit your style, the rowing machine is designed to blend seamlessly into a residential setting, allowing you to exercise in any room of the house.

Real Solid Wood

The rowing machine is made of solid Waubeech wood instead of veneer over MDF or plywood, so there will be a small chromatic aberration.


We Added 500m Split Time

Function During a rowing workout, the 500m split time is a very useful pacing tool. It gives you real-time feedback on whether you are on track to achieve your finish-time goal. It helps you maximize your efforts during any workout with rowing.



Supported The included Bluetooth receiver ensures wireless transmission of all training data to your own smartphone or tablet, which also allow you to connect Kinomap app to enjoy great rowing experience.



The water rowing machine will be divided into two packages for delivery. Therefore, the two packages may be delivered at different times. If you received one of them first, please wait patiently for the second one. Topiom rowing machines are 80% assembled, so you just need to assembly the rest 20%, normally it will take one person for 30 minutes. We’re on a mission to fuel a revolution of inner confidence, health and wellness. Spending little time for meaningful exercise and the soul-enriching opportunity to connect with the outdoors. Topiom's rowing experience brings balance and calm to our rowing lovers– all in an well-designed, low-impact workout.

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